Car Dolly Rental Rates

A tow dolly is most commonly used to move a car when relocating to another city or state and if that is your plan you’ve probably been checking out the typical car dolly rental rates. Because of of this the prices you will find here are mostly for one way trips.

Three major companies in the United States will be examined:

  • U-Haul
  • Budget
  • Penske

Please note that while researching the prices and car dolly rental rates, a short trip was from one state to another neighbouring state (i.e. Maine to New Hampshire), while a long trip was from one end of the country to the other (i.e. Maine to California).

U-Haul Car Dolly Rental Rates

U-Haul, unlike the other two companies, offers the car dolly rental without renting one of their trucks. This means that if you already have a truck that can tow the vehicle, but only need the dolly, you can get it from U-Haul. The car dolly rental rates do vary however based on if you have one of their trucks or not. For longer trips, it will be quite a bit less for the dolly if you rent one of their trucks. The following are the approximate prices that can be expected to be paid.

Short trip:

  • Tow dolly only – $75.00
  • Tow Dolly with one of their trucks – $49.00

Long trip:

  • Tow dolly only – $435.00
  • Tow dolly with one of their trucks – $290.00

U-Haul also offers insurance for protection if something were to happen to the tow dolly. Insurance could be an important option as credit cards and auto insurance do not cover items such as tow dollies or other trailers. Insurance prices vary per state and per coverage selected.

Budget Car Dolly Rental Rates

As previously mentioned, renting a car dolly from Budget requires renting one of their trucks also. The price of the car dolly for a long trip is approximately $242 while the price for a short trip is around $75.00. Budget also offers insurance coverage, however they also offer an insurance that protects against damage to your vehicle while being towed.

Prices for insurance through Budget also vary by state and coverage needed.

Penske Car Dolly Rental Rates

As with car dolly rentals from Budget, a Penske truck is needed in order to rent a Penske dolly. When renting it for a trip from one end of the country to the other, the price would be around $399.00. When looking to rent a car dolly for a shorter trip, the price is roughly $199.00.

Car Dolly Rental RatesAs for insurance, Penske has many different types of insurance, but has one in particular for towing equipment which covers collision damage to a vehicle that is being towed. Prices also vary depending on the state.

The above were approximate prices that can be expected to be paid when renting a car towing dolly. However it is important to note that because of the big difference between short and long distance trip prices, prices that have been mentioned can vary quite a bit.

All three of these companies offer very user friendly websites on which you can get the exact car dolly rental rates by entering the locations you would be using.

Should You Buy Instead of Renting?

If you will be doing a lot of towing you might consider whether it would pay off in the long run to purchase a car dolly -even a used model- rather than rent one. As with any piece of equipment rental rates can add up and sometimes it just makes more sense to own a car dolly rather than rent one.

One example where this may be the case is for RV owners who travel a lot and need to take a second vehicle. Although you can spend $3,000 or more on a dolly like the Demco KarKaddy for use with your RV there are much more affordable models out there.

One of the best ways to find a used dolly is by looking on Craigslist and eBay. Typically you can find a number of lightly used models in good condition on these sites and you’ll have the chance to save a bit of money over buying a brand new model at dealer prices.

Buying a car dolly isn’t for everyone of course but it is one way you may be able to save on car dolly rental rates if you will be doing a lot of towing.