Cross Country Car Towing

If you are considering a big move, or even an extended vacation, the idea of cross country car towing is one you are likely going to have to consider.

Depending on your exact situation, there are actually several different options you may want to consider. Each one has their own benefits and costs, only you can decide which one will work out best for you in each situation.

Cross Country Car Towing Options

The first option is hiring someone to do the cross country car towing for you. This is generally very expensive, but if you do not feel confident in your driving abilities, it may be the best option for you.

Consider calling a local towing company and find out if this may be the right choice for you. You probably want to compare rates from several providers because this can vary quite dramatically.

Another option is to rent a U Haul unit and tow your car behind you. If you are moving, you probably have considered this option already. This works great because your U Haul is powerful enough to haul pretty much any car or small SUV and you have the room in the U Haul to bring along some of the items you are moving.

Cross Country Car TowingThe experts at the U Haul rental place can likely guide you in the right direction to get started with this method. One thing to consider if you have never towed a vehicle before is that it can be difficult to drive a large truck anyway, so one with a car attached to the back is a completely new challenge. Just take it slow and get some practice in before you hit the highway.

Another option, if you have your own truck, is to haul your car behind your pickup truck. If you choose this method, you need to do careful research to make sure that your truck is powerful enough to handle the load.

This method may be costly too, because of the amount of equipment you will have to buy or rent. However, it is normally quite a bit easier to drive your own vehicle while towing a car, than to try to get used to the idiosyncrasies of a rental vehicle and the towing rig at the same time.

Cost & Benefits of Cross Country Car Towing

No matter which of these cross country car towing options you choose, there is an element of cost versus work at play. Generally, the more work it is for you to move the car, the less it is going to cost you.

You will have to decide what it is worth to you and find out what you can afford. Once you get some practice in, you will find that your cross country car towing experience is easier than you probably imagined.

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