Find a Used Car Tow Dolly For Sale

If you’ve been thinking about finding a used car tow dolly for sale here are some places where you should be able to get something that will meet your towing needs.

Even if you feel like you’ve looked everywhere you should still be able to find something good here. Scroll down and check ‘em out!

Finding a Used Car Tow Dolly For Sale

To find a used car tow dolly for sale the search function on a few different sites is probably your best friend. Let’s start with one of the best places to buy new and used equipment online: eBay.

There are a couple different ways you can go about this. Probably the best way to start is to simply go to the eBay homepage and search for the phrase car dolly or tow dolly. Actually you want to search for both and compare the results. If you really want to be specific you can search for used car dolly or used tow dolly but that seems a bit unnecessary. Leaving off the adjective will give you more results and limit your choices less which seems like a good thing.

Find a Used Car Tow Dolly For Sale on eBay

You’ll probably see quite a few choices. Just scroll through the results and open the promising looking listings in a new tab or window for comparison.

Used car tow dolly for sale on eBay

Your results will vary since listings come and go but you should get a number of options such as:

  • A used Demco dolly with surge brakes
  • A homemade car dolly in California with a starting bid of $400
  • A generic used car tow dolly for sale in Florida for $500
  • …and so on!

You’ll find a number of brand new car tow dolly models for sale on eBay as well and some of them are not much more expensive than a used tow dolly so don’t overlook those especially if you expect to spend about $1000.

Find a Used Car Tow Dolly For Sale on Craigslist

Craigslist is another great resource in your search for a used car tow dolly for sale near you. You don’t want to just go to your local Craigslist city site though. A good way to search multiple cities at once is by using SearchTempest.

With SearchTempest you can enter your zip code, the distance you are willing to travel and the item you are looking for. The search engine will then go out and find relevant listings in the area you specified.

used car tow dolly for sale

A quick search today turned up:

  • A generic used car tow dolly for sale with a price of $450
  • A Stehl or Master Tow model priced at $700
  • A Demco car tow dolly for $1450

Those are just three of the results. Craigslist is a great place to find some deals but since it’s a little bit of a bother to search you can use SearchTempest to get faster results and find the equipment you’ve been looking for.

Craigslist posters will often include poor photos if the include any at all but as long as the distance is not too far you will be able to check out the dolly in person before making the purchase to ensure it’s in good shape.

Hope you find a great used car tow dolly for sale out there!